Software publisher specialised in dry-cleaning and "small batch" and semi industrial laundries, our main goal is to anticipate the mutations in the textile care market as well as technical and technological evolutions with our software solutions. This allows us to stay as close to the needs of our customers as possible.
As a player in a sector especially dear to us, due to our history and experience, we are now devoted to be proactive and innovative. Our main challenge is to generalise access to dry-cleaning management tools.

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Dry-cleaning software GestiClean Up'

Last-born of the Inforum product range, GestiClean Up' is a SaaS (Software as a Service) 100% accessible online  from any device connected to the internet. It is an  innovative and modular system. The customer pays only for what he needs. The GestiClean Up' basic offer is available from September 2016. It is under development. Its functional coverage will expand and catch up with the previous version (GestiClean). Other  innovative features will be implemented for you by the Inforum team. 

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Dry-cleaning software GestiClean

The software GestiClean is the  flagship product  of the Inforum company. Today  leader on the French market, it has successfully reached thousands of users in France and abroad. From the launch in 2005 until now, it has enabled Inforum to expand our  expertise  in the dry-cleaning profession. GestiClean is complete, user-friendly, scalable, intuitive and appropriate: these numerous assets attract both little dry-cleaners and the biggest players of the profession (franchises, chains). Here are some of its various features:  conveyor automations, automatic data saving, customer dispute management with a webcam, electronic payment terminal connection, etc.

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Laundry software BrooClean

The installation of the BrooClean software in "small batch" and semi industrial laundries is one of the complementary activities of Inforum. BrooClean was developed for small to mid-size laundries, and meets all your daily expectations: garment marking management, items tracking, lots assembly, customer invoices, etc.
It also allows to control specific and professional printers like Thermo Ident2, and sorting systems like SorteXX.

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